Rashid Johnson,  The Reader , 2008, Lambda print. © Rashid Johnson

Rashid Johnson, The Reader, 2008, Lambda print. © Rashid Johnson

The Wedge Collection in Counterpoints: Photography Through the Lens of Toronto Collections

Curated by Jessica bradley

May 6 – July 30, 2016
Art Museum at the University of Toronto


Opening Reception May 12th, 7pm – 9pm
Panel discussion: Counterpoints: Collectors and Photography
May 25, 7pm – 8pm
Debra Campbell, Ann Malcolmson, Maia Sutnik and Kenneth Montague moderated by Sara Angel.

Presented as a primary CONTACT exhibition, at the University of Toronto's new Art Museum, Counterpoints gathers more than 100 images from over 20 private collections, including several from Kenneth Montague's Wedge Collection. The exhibition has evolved through many committed collectors who granted the removal of works from their personal domestic and artistic spheres, allowing them to be seen by the public — many for the first time in Toronto. Images are assembled by visual affiliation and recurring subjects, which are conceived differently by photographers in time, cultural and social contexts, and through changing technologies. 

Counterpoints proposes a view of photography —and some of its signal historical and contemporary transitions—that is, like the daily experience of images, ultimately heterogeneous and non-linear.

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