Wedge Curatorial Projects is a non-profit organization with a focus on Black identity in contemporary art. Under the directorship of founder Kenneth Montague, Wedge organizes exhibitions and lectures that explore Diasporic narratives, identity and issues of representation. Exhibiting both local and international artists, Wedge is fueled by collaborative creativity and accessibility in the arts.

Wedge was established in 1997 and evolved from a commercial gallery into a curatorial organization. Originally conceived to be both a private and public art experience, the original gallery was located in Montague’s home in Toronto, literally ‘wedged’ inside the hallway of his loft.  Wedge Curatorial Projects quickly became a well-respected initiative that filled a gap in Toronto’s art community.

For nearly 20 years WCP has worked with local and international organizations to create original exhibitions, collaborate with guest curators and artists, host lectures and educational programs, publish books, and even produce film and music series that speak to youth about shaping their own identity.

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